Cooperstown Kurt, aka "Coop", has been podcasting for years, with hundreds of episodes on a myriad of topics including geek culture, being a struggling creative, becoming a first time father, and of course his obsession with MLB The Show.

Before podcasting, Coop was an acclaimed writer & director, earning a variety of awards and having his films played at festivals across the country.

Even older still- he was once an actor and you can find plenty of cringe-worthy performances of his work across the internet.

Coop's private life consists of helping small companies understand the power of social media and how to maximize their unique offerings to the public at large.

His current passion for podcasting extends into interviewing, where he's been fortunate enough to interview an amazing array of individuals including Fangoria creator Kerry O'Quinn, Nameberry.com founder Pamela Redmond Satran, MLB Network's Robert Flores, and the World Famous San Diego Chicken!

Also- Coop hates talking about himself in the third person.

For more info on his life & career- visit http://www.kurtedwardlarson.com/